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Our Identity: Safety is in Our DNA

It is our mission and passion to inspire better health and safety in workplaces and in the broader community. We do this through  information… quality information. ChemAlert data is internationally researched by an in-house team of qualified scientists, toxicologists, industrial hygienists safety experts and IT technicians. We are the best at what we do. Assisting clients to be able to make informed decisions. We love it!

Ultimately we know that better informed decisions lead to safer outcomes. We believe that you, the worker, supervisor or business owner, have THE RIGHT TO KNOW and understand:

  • what risks you and your colleagues are taking at work.
  • what risks you potentially bring home to your family.
  • that your chemicals are being handled and stored as safely as possible.
  • that you have access to all the latest information and expert support you need.
  • that you and your colleagues are making the safest possible choices with the chemicals in your workplace.

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Compliance: Just One Reason to Lead

We are often asked “Is ChemAlert compliant?”. With some amusement, our answer is always “ChemAlert is far more than just compliance”.

Of course compliance must be at the centre of all we do. Significant global regulatory reform driven by inadequate controls and information has placed the focus directly on chemical and safety compliance. We consider that it is our job to make compliance as easy as possible, knowing that your reputation and license to operate is at stake. By excelling at our role, we free up your time to do far more. Don’t struggle for compliance. Strive to do far better.

Complex and intricate compliance issues require broad and deep understanding of the domain. You need someone you can trust.

Research: Our Path to Excellence

We simply can’t ignore the facts. We know that globally the chemical industry discharges millions of tonnes of toxic waste into the air, land and waterways – with a substantial proportion of these being recognised carcinogens.

Of the millions of chemicals available globally, far too few have been tested for human health effects. So the need for research is obvious. This only reaffirms our commitment to ensure we provide our clients with the most up to date toxicological research data to prevent acute and chronic health effects that impact millions of workers worldwide.

If you know the risks and the alternatives, you can make better choices. But you need the right information.

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Technology: Driving Efficiency

Tools based on new technology connect people everywhere, shedding complex models and old world curtains – collapsing time and forever changing the way we live and work.

RMT believes passionately in the use of technology to achieve outcomes that could not otherwise be obtained under existing regimes. We engage with experts, develop in-house technology, and utilise external tools to:

  • drive efficiency in having the most up-to-date SDS repository you will find;
  • make chemical management more gratifying; and
  • enable our clients to gain greater insight into their risk and exposure to chemicals that perhaps they’ve never understood before.

New technology is always at the core of our business.

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