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ChemAlert eLearning provides a flexible and effective way to deliver training to your staff. Each eLearning module is interactive and provides the user with a practical understanding of the content.  eLearning can be run as standalone modules, or be uploaded to your Learning Management System.

ChemAlert eLearning | Outcomes Based Training

8 SCORM Compliant eLearning Modules

  1. Quick Search: Highlights the Quick Search function in ChemAlert to access important information. Especially handy if the product name is already known.
  2. Advanced Search: Users will be able to conduct an Advanced Search to view Product Details and Manufacturer SDS.
  3. Product Details: This module will step users through the Product Details so that they can access important information and key reports.
  4. Stock Register: At the end of this module users will be able to add products to the Stock Register.
  5. Stock Holdings: Users will be able to create new sites within a business unit and add products to stock holdings.
  6. Stock Reports: This module will highlight each of the ChemAlert Stock Reports and on completion users will be able to create a Stock Report.
  7. Chemical Request: Upon completion, users will be able to successfully submit a Chemical Request.
  8. Risk Assessments: This module details how to complete a risk assessment for a specific task.

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