Stationery Overview

ChemAlert stationery has been specifically designed to enhance recognition and use of potentially hazardous chemicals and produced in bulk to minimise costs. To order your required stationery, please complete both pages 1 and 2 of this form and submit and submit. We will respond shortly via email, confirming receipt of your order with your invoice attached.

Bulk Ordering

If your order qualifies for bulk rates (see minimum quantities specified in the following table), please select the bulk order option below and we will apply the appropriate discount to your invoice if it qualifies.


  • Colour Coded A4 Paper Labels
    $1.20 per sheet | minimum 50 sheets
  • Colour Coded A4 Vinyl Labels
    $3.00 per sheet | minimum 20 sheets
  • Colour Coded A4 Report Paper
    $51.00 per ream (500 sheets)
  • DG Pocket Reference Card
    $3.00 per card | minimum 20 cards

Prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and exclusive of 10% GST and delivery costs.

Minimum Quantities for Bulk Ordering

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