Training Courses

Delivery Options

Public Training Courses

ChemAlert training courses are offered to the public at various capital cities and major regional centres around Australia and New Zealand. These are scheduled throughout the year according to demand. Please see the Public Training Schedule below for the courses currently open for enrolment in your area.

On-site Training Courses

With site-based training we can come to your workplace and train you on-site at a time and location that suits you. As well as the Comprehensive and Up-Skill programs, we also offer two specialised skills courses as on-site only options. See below for details of the course programs available.

If you are interested in on-site training, or if none of the available public courses are suitable, please register your interest here and someone from the Training Team will be in touch shortly to discuss a range of options to suit your particular needs.

Course Overviews

Duration: 2 Days     Suited to: New or Inexperienced Users
Class size: 4–12 people      Offered as: Public or On-site

Run over two days, this course is designed for those who are new to ChemAlert. The course trains participants in all aspects of using ChemAlert, from retrieving and understanding SDSs through to Stock Management, completing Risk Assessments and understanding Admin functions. The course is “hands on”, with participants completing practical exercises designed to reinforce knowledge and ensure that skills can be applied in the workplace. 

Duration: 1 Day     Suited to: Stores personnel and HSE Advisors
Class size: 4–12 people      Offered as: On-site Only

This course is designed for staff responsible for safety aspects relating to chemicals used in the workplace, searching and identifying products used on site, and those with chemical inventory responsibilities. Participants will be trained on locating and understanding SDSs, as well as the Stock Management module which includes the creation of a Site Hierarchy and population of specific Stock Holdings. Participants will also learn to generate and analyse stock reports such as Hazardous Chemicals Registers, Dangerous Goods listings and other critical reports.

Duration: 1 Day     Suited to: Supervisors and HSE Advisors
Class size: 4–12 people      Offered as: On-site Only

This course is incorporates navigation through the application, product searching, Stock Management and Risk Assessment. Participants will be trained on how to locate and understand SDSs (including the GHS system), as well as review the Stock Management module, generate stock reports such as Hazardous Chemicals Registers and Dangerous Goods listings, and how to locate existing Risk Assessments and create new ones.