Access ChemAlert Anywhere

For those clients who don’t want to host ChemAlert on their own internal network, RMT offers an additional Cloud Hosting solution (also known as ‘Software as a Service’ or SaaS). With this option, your ChemAlert system will be hosted at our secure, Tier 1 data centre in Sydney which you access via the internet. This means there is nothing to install on your own system.

Great for Mobile Devices

The Cloud Hosting solution is perfect for companies that operate over multiple locations. All you need is an internet connection. Simply enter your unique URL into your web browser to access all the power of ChemAlert from your desktop PC, laptop or tablet.

Maintenance Free

With Cloud Hosting, the entire application is maintained by RMT including installation, monitoring, upgrades, disaster recovery, IT and security management. On top of that we can provide free “health checks” and chemical data reviews to ensure you’re getting the most out of your ChemAlert system.

With Cloud Hosting, RMT can perform free health checks to see if you’re compliant and getting the most out of ChemAlert.

your ChemAlert system will be hosted at RMT