Are you letting important tasks slip? We’re here to help with Chemical Safety Audits.

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We are all aware of our requirements with regards to the Work Health and Safety regulations. However in the current economic climate, resource and budget restrictions have made conducting regular audits difficult. Chemical Safety Audits should be done at least annually to ensure correct safety information is available for employee’s protection.

Whether conducted internally or externally, it is recommended the data then be captured in ChemAlert to ensure the most up to date SDSs match your Register records. However you don’t need a ChemAlert licence to use our Chemical Safety Audits service.

What are the Benefits?

You know you have to audit your hazardous chemicals. It’s an important job, but honestly, who has the time, expertise, technology and manpower to do it regularly?

The ChemAlert team does. In fact we care so much about chemical safety that we’re offering great deals so everyone can afford to get it done. Our experts use an in-house developed auditing program with barcoding scanning to conduct audits in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. 

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