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Regulations and good business practice require you to perform chemical risk assessments on the hazardous and dangerous chemicals present in your operations. But it takes time and expertise to do these properly and many find it just too hard. As a result, we often find businesses haven’t done chemical risk assessments on all of the products requiring them, and this puts lives at risk.

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The Chemical Risk Assessment module in ChemAlert guides you through the process, allowing you to easily conduct risk assessments in a comprehensive and consistent manner.

Risk assessments stored in ChemAlert can also be linked to one or more supporting documents or URLs. Read more.

Don’t Have the Time?

If you just don’t have the manpower, or don’t have ChemAlert, we also provide a Chemical Risk Management service.

Our qualified, experienced chemical safety experts will come to you. We’ll perform and record your risk assessments ensuring you’re both compliant and safe. Read more.

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