ChemAlert comes with a suite of high quality, yet easy to generate standard reports that can all be exported to PDF or CSV format. These reports fall into the following four categories:


Site Management

  • Stock Register
  • Stock Holdings
  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Total Product Quantities
  • Stock Holding Inspection
  • Storage Incompatibilities
  • Placarding Reports
  • Major Hazard Facilities (MHF)
  • PPE Listing
  • Site Listing
  • Site Rules

Health and Environment


  • National Pollutants Inventory (NPI)
  • Biological Exposure Indice
  • Health Monitoring Guide
  • Prohibited and Restricted Chemicals
  •   Site User Access Report

It’s no longer enough just to track data to meet compliance obligations. Real value comes from understanding data, and that in turn leads to greater understanding of the risks associated with chemical use in your business. This understanding gives you the insight to reduce risk, increase safety and lower costs. Better outcomes all around.

ChemAlert 4.1’s Analytics Module enables users to query their stock data to produce powerful business intelligence. The module comes with 10 predefined queries that can be run against the Stock Register or Stock Holdings to generate data tables. Users can also choose combinations of up to 48 data fields to produce custom queries and filter results as desired. Data tables can be simply exported to a spreadsheet (or PDF) or rendered in one of 12 exportable chart types as exampled below. All this in one simple, user friendly interface that puts awesome reporting power in your hands.

Analytics Queries

Analytics Charts

Important Stuff Made Easy

Although Safety Data Sheets contain important information to handle products safely, bombarding non-scientific users with vast amounts of technical information (exposure standards, LD50 values, ecological information, etc) can be overwhelming. Often users skim the first page or two before getting lost in the detail and giving up.

ChemAlert Summary Report

The ChemAlert Summary Report is a simple, one page report that gives you the pertinent information, in easy-to-understand language, about the hazards, first aid, flammability and pictograms showing recommended PPE.

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ChemAlert Extended Summary Report

The Extended Summary report allow you to customise a summary report by adding additional sections from the ChemAlert Full Report for when you want just a little more information.

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