If you care about safety, full compliance is only a side benefit.

With ChemAlert, you have simple tools to help manage legislative and analytical reporting, perform risk assessments, stock analysis and much more.

Furthermore, you can be assured that the SDSs your people rely on have been independently validated by our experts.

When you partner with ChemAlert, you demonstrate a commitment to the Duty of Care responsibilities an employer has when dealing with hazardous chemicals.

Cloud Hosting lets you access ChemAlert anywhere. Perfect for companies that operate over multiple sites, our Cloud Hosting solution lets you access ChemAlert via the internet with nothing to install on your own system. Mobile devices such as laptops and tablets only need an internet connection to use ChemAlert on even the most remote sites.
With over 40 sites Australia wide, trying to manage all of our dangerous goods was extremely challenging. It became apparent that we needed something easy to use but capable of storing all the information to stay WHS complaint. From the first point of contact ChemAlert was refreshing. It’s a simple way to have all information in one site with Safety Data Sheets, other information at hand. They have really been an asset to us. Thank you to the ChemAlert Team
Venessa Bainy - Group Work Health & Safety Co-ordinator, Bunzl Australasia
ChemAlert has been an integral part of BHP Coal’s chemical management for years and provides the necessary and relevant information to our employees in an easy to use manner. Colour-coded reports provide a clear and concise guide to the chemical hazards associated with the various products we use and allows an easy method for effecting an ongoing risk minimisation program.
Ron McConochie - Safety Management Systems Engineer, BHP Coal
As a self-insurer for Workers Compensation, the University of Wollongong undergoes regular WHS Audits by SafeWork NSW. It is easy to meet audit criteria relating to chemical management through the use of ChemAlert for SDS access, storage incompatibilities, inventory management, manifest/placarding requirements, etc.
The team at RMT have gone out of their way to assist us with streamlining our processes and use of ChemAlert. With continuous, friendly communication, their responses to queries are timely and they are always open to suggestions for improvements for future releases.
Kristy Adams - WHS Advisor, University of Wollongong
Curtin University conducted an extensive investigation into the most appropriate chemical safety management software to meet their needs. A panel unanimously voted ChemAlert as the program that best suited their current and future requirements. Of prime importance was the capability to provide a complete solution to the problems they were experiencing via a user-friendly application. Compliance was another key consideration for Curtin University due to the large volume of chemicals on site… read more
Anthony Reardon - Project Manager, Hazardous Substances, Curtin University
Our employees are exposed to chemical hazards daily and need accurate and concise information to ensure that their health is not compromised. They trust ChemAlert. It’s simple to use and the Risk Assessment module assists us to address our statutory reporting requirements. When needed, the technical support is exceptional.
Bill Aarninkof - Human Resources Health Specialist, Norske Skog
SA Water operates in a number of locations using a diverse range of specialty chemical products. We have, for some years now, used and received excellent value from the ChemAlert system and indeed from RMT’s technical support and training services. It has assisted us in achieving best practice.
Ross Hay - Occupational Health Safety & Welfare Officer, South Australian Water Corporation

Key Features

Quality SDS Database
Independent Research
Powerful Reporting
Risk Assessments
Stock Management
Automatic Updates
Full Inventory Control
Labels & Placards
International Standards
Admin & Security

High Quality SDS Database

ChemAlert does NOT provide generic, transcribed or off-the-shelf reports. Only the original manufacturer’s SDS with additional, independent research.

Also we DON’T trawl the Internet for random SDSs to add and claim that more is better.  We dedicate our resources to adding and maintaining the SDSs that we know our clients use.

Always the Current Original SDS

ChemAlert provides users with access to a high quality and constantly maintained database of current, original manufacturer’s SDSs. The team at RMT are continually checking with manufacturers for updated SDSs and our Auto Product Update (APU) engine ensures all users have instant access when the database is updated.

When the Auditor comes to inspect your site you have no worries because you know you have current, compliant SDSs and your regulatory obligation is met.

Why is this important?

Providing access to manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheets (SDSs*) forms a core part of the responsibility of any ‘person conducting a business or undertaking’. Obtaining an initial SDS from the supplier is usually very easy, but the process of constantly monitoring which SDSs are out-of-date or even have been updated within the mandatory 5 year period, can be an onerous and time consuming task. Especially if you have hundreds, or even thousands of products over multiple sites.

We regularly find that companies without a proper chemical management solution have poorly updated SDS registers, as staff have other pressing needs to address and struggle to find the time to source new and updated SDSs. The WHS legislation (chapter 7.1, section 344) prescribes substantial financial penalties to both individuals and companies for failure to meet these requirements. The onus is on the ‘PCBU’, not the supplier!

* Formerly known as MSDSs (Material Safety Data Sheets)

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Independent Research

ChemAlert is supported by an in-house full-time team of university qualified toxicologists, chemists, environmental scientists, industrial hygienists and safety experts who evaluate every SDS before it’s added to the database. If there is any pertinent information missing or evidence contradicting the SDS, you’ll see a Product Alert in ChemAlert.

Not just the information you’re required to have, but ALL the information you need to make the safest possible decisions about the chemicals in your workplace.

RMT guarantees that ALL ChemAlert reports are compiled by university qualified and experienced professionals with degrees in science.

We don’t confuse what’s a manufacturer’s SDS and what’s an independent report.

ChemAlert Reports complete the story, rather than clouding it.

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Powerful Reporting

Easy access to the critical reports you need most, plus a whole heap you didn’t know you did.

Read More About Reporting

ChemAlert makes it easy to generate important reports on your chemical safety management regime.

There is a suite of high quality standard reports for registers, site management, admin or health and environment. These can all be exported to PDF or CSV format. 

The Analytics module lets you build your own report criteria to generate custom reports. This allows you to understand your data better, and that in turn leads to greater understanding of the risks associated with chemical use in your business. This understanding gives you the insight to reduce risk, increase safety and lower costs. Better outcomes all around.

There’s even a Summary Report to present all the complicated technical information from SDSs into simple, everyday language.

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Risk Assessments

Recording Your Risk Assessments

If you’ve ever used a lawyer you would know that documentation is your best friend. ChemAlert provides a comprehensive Risk Assessment form which helps extract critical information from users to enable companies to correctly analyse the risk posed by a given task to an employee, the community, and ultimately to the company.

The task-based Risk Assessment can encompass one or more products, enabling assessment of the complete task including storage. ChemAlert’s Risk Assessment module comes with a customisable controls assessment form enabling businesses to tailor assessments to their own needs.

Risk Assessments reports are generated to PDF and can be saved or printed in hard copy to form part of your work instructions (JSAs) to staff.

If you are short staffed or just too busy to perform necessary risk assessments, never fear, RMT also offer a professional Risk Assessment service. Our chemical safety experts can come to you, identify where risk assessments are required, perform the assessments and document everything as required for full compliance.

Store your risk assessments with the products in ChemAlert for convenient access and review.

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Stock Management

The breathtaking power of Stock, combined with Reports makes it easier than ever to not only meet your obligations, but to manage your chemical stock more safely than ever before.

ChemAlert Stock Management

Full Control Over What Goes Where and How.

As part of its Duty of Care as defined in the WHS Act, your business has a responsibility to maintain a register of all Hazardous Chemicals and track the location and quantities of Dangerous Goods. ChemAlert makes this simple with an easy-to-use Stock Management module that enables you, the PCBU, to easily track the maximum quantities and locations of each chemical across multiple sites and locations.

In addition to the stock structure (exampled left), the Stock module also allows administrators to guide users on what can and can’t be stored at sites, eliminating nasty surprises in an audit of your stock holdings. This ‘Site Rules’ functionality can prevent users from adding specified classes such as carcinogens or explosives, and even prevent sites from exceeding Minor Storage limits where segregation is only a recommendation.

ChemAlert leverages this data with detailed and accurate reports such as Hazardous Chemicals Registers, and Placarding Reports which are also required for the storage of Dangerous Goods.

You can also manage proactively by reporting on the types of PPE recommended at a site location, or health monitoring that should be undertaken for employees with an exposure risk. In fact, ChemAlert has over 15 different pre-defined stock reports to help turn your stock control into true stock management. ChemAlert can even generate SDS registers optimised for printing so hard copy can be stored in case an incident occurs and your power is out.

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More Subscription Options

Automatic Updates

Always the Latest and Most Accurate Information

ChemAlert is the only chemical management system to use Auto Product Update (APU)*. In the same way anti-virus software keeps current, APU keeps your ChemAlert database up-to-date over the Internet ensuring you always have the latest and most accurate information at hand. You are required to ensure you have the most recent manufacturer’s SDS on hand for every chemical product in your inventory. ChemAlert takes care of this for you.

There is no reason to wait for software releases to have your database updated and by releasing less frequently; ChemAlert saves your business the cost of constantly deploying new versions just to maintain the data in the database.

* According to information RMT has to hand at the time of writing this article.

We don’t make you wait for new product additions.

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Full Control Over Your Inventory

Control over the entry of new products to your site is one of the most important ways to ensure your site has the lowest risk of health exposure to hazardous chemicals, and one of the most powerful ways to reduce chemical management costs!

Do you know what chemicals are being brought on site?

Do you know what chemicals are being brought on site? Do they contravene environmental licensing conditions, or exceed your approved maximum quantities? Or are they incompatible with existing chemicals? Are they alternatives to products that already exist onsite?

ChemAlert’s Chemical Request module enables you to review all chemicals that employees or contractors want to bring on site and assess the products to ensure:

  • They have a current and compliant Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
  • They exist on the ChemAlert database with independently researched ChemAlert reports and labels.
  • Satisfactory storage controls exist prior to bringing the product onsite.
  • Products don’t breach licensing conditions (e.g. Dangerous Goods or Environmental licenses).
  • Alternative products that could achieve the same result aren’t already approved onsite.
  • Products don’t present a serious health risk to employees.
  • The lowest hazard product has been chosen.
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Labels & Placards

Poor Labelling Puts Lives at Risk

Employees exposed to unknown substances due to no or poor labelling can be fatal, and incorrect disposal of unknown substances is a significant risk to the environment and business reputation.

To ensure you always have correctly labelled containers, ChemAlert includes a range of printable Product Labels for every product on the database. We also supply a range of colour coded label stock so you can print them in-house in a variety of sizes on either paper or chemically resistant vinyl.

Purchase ChemAlert Label Stock.

Employees exposed to unknown substances due to no or poor labelling can be fatal, and incorrect disposal of unknown substances is a significant risk to the environment and business reputation.

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International Standards

As the GHS is rolled out worldwide, ChemAlert is more and more suited as the international standard for chemical management systems.

Whilst ChemAlert is a proudly Australian product, it has been developed with provision for other international legislative requirements such as:

  • Canada WHMIS.
  • Europe: Registration, Evaluation and Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) and the Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) regulations.
  • New Zealand: Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA).
  • USA: Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

As the GHS is gradually implemented in more and more jurisdictions around the world, ChemAlert becomes more and more suited as the international standard for chemical management systems.

Multiple Languages

ChemAlert is able to cater to multiple languages. The following are the standard options, but additional language packs can also be installed. English (UK or US); French; Indonesian (Bahasa); Mongolian; Portuguese; Spanish. More languages can be easily added as ‘language packs’. Please contact us if you require any specific languages which are not included with the standard release.

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Administration & Security

ChemAlert provides a complete Administration module giving control over the functionality and security throughout the application. The Admin module specifically includes:

  •  Business Unit Preferences: Gives you control of each module, search preferences, default values, etc.
  •  Security: Allows creation and maintenance of user accounts and allocating them to security groups that define what privileges they have throughout the system.  A powerful configuration tool that gives granular control from module access to specific functions within a module (e.g. Risk Assessment Approval, Chemical Request Assessment).
  • Custom Products: Ability to create your own chemicals or substances for use throughout the ChemAlert modules, including attaching an SDS.
  • Units & Status: Define your own units of measure and stock status values (e.g. Approved, On Trial, Banned, Restricted, etc).
  • Data Care: Import new and updated product information directly into the database (no waiting for a new software release), and backup & restore your client data.
  • Audit Trail: Track which users log into the application and when, as well as what changes are being made to the system.

We don’t make you talk to external call centres. When you call you will speak to a highly trained RMT staff member in Australia.

Our Service Guarantee

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