Chemical Safety Management Solution

Software Application

As health, safety and environmental issues grow in complexity, having a complete, real-time, total chemical management safety management solution has never been more important. The right software at the centre of this solution is key.

ChemAlert’s Chemical Safety Management solution not only gives you and your employees access to original manufacturer’s SDSs for hundreds of thousands of chemical products, but also independent research and multiple international compliance standards, all in one powerful, user friendly application. So you have the knowledge to choose the safest chemical products and to handle and store them in the safest possible way. Best of all, you’re supported by an in-house team of qualified professional scientists and safety experts based right here in Australia. Chemical safety management has never been so easy!

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Features Include

High Quality SDS Database

Easy Stock Management

Independent Research

Guided Risk Assessments

Easy Reporting Tools

Labels & Placards

Ancillary Services

To complement the ChemAlert chemical safety management software, RMT also provides a suite of professional chemical safety management services delivered by experienced chemical management experts. 

Whether you need a safety audit on your existing system, risk assessments performed on your hazardous materials or help with staff training, we can tailor a customised solution for your needs.

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RMT is the Trusted SDS Author

SDS Authoring Service

As part of our chemical safety management solution, RMT authors and maintains Safety Data Sheets for over thousands of chemical product manufacturers and suppliers. We also provide online hosting for manufacturers to make their SDSs easily available to suppliers and end users.

All SDSs are compiled and verified in-house by a team of scientists, hygienists and toxicologists. Don’t compromise the quality of your SDSs with anything less than this assurance.

Since 1987 RMT has made ChemAlert the leading brand in chemical safety management. We’ve serviced thousands of clients worldwide across multiple industry sectors including resources, health, manufacturing, government and defence. So know you’re using a quality provider with a long proven track record.

Hosting Makes Your SDSs Available Online

Manufacturers, distributors and even retailers of chemical products need to make their Safety Data Sheets easily accessible to all potential sellers or end users. So to complement our chemical safety management solution and SDS Authoring service, RMT also provides SDS Hosting at our Tier 1 data centre in Sydney.

This allows you to effortlessly distribute your products’ most current SDSs to your clients via a secure SDS site that can be embedded into your company website, or exist as a separate, external site with optional secure login.

ChemAlert SDS Hosting sites provide easy to use search options such as Product Name, Stock Codes or CAS Numbers. This allows you to effortlessly disseminate your SDSs to any and all interested parties.

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Our Passion

Safety is in our DNA, find out more about RMT’s passion for safer workplaces.

ChemAlert chemical safety management solution | safety is in our DNA


ChemAlert chemical safety management solution | safety is in our DNA


ChemAlert chemical safety management solution | safety is in our DNA


ChemAlert chemical safety management solution | safety is in our DNA


ChemAlert chemical safety management solution | safety is in our DNA

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